TUBESOUND - ReMade in Italy
Vintage Radio Restoration
Venice - Italy

Dedicated to restoration of German antique radios
manufactured between 1953 and 1966

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These pages are dedicated to restoration works that I did on vintage radios and HiFi vintage tube stereos.

When I started about 30 years ago, I decided to restore only units produced in Germany between 1953 and 1966 because before 1953 units with FM had no acoustical appeal; on the other side, after 1966 radios had transistors built in.
All restoration works are carried out by a team of professionals in their fields.
A carpenter takes care of wood housing.
An expert restores or reconstructs dialglasses, knobs and other plastic parts.
Myself, I'm in charge of the restoration of mechanical, electronic and tuning parts.
All restorations are documented photographically and described with care.
All appliances are covered by warranty according to the applicable legislation.

Si jeunesse savait si vieillesse pouvait

Antique French proverb

Venezia 1962 - Rialto Bridge – Graetz dealer

--- Ready for sale ---

-----> Big news !!! <-----
----->Graetz Sinfonia 4R/221 88 - 108 MHz
-----> Nordmende Othello 55 - 88 -108 MHz <-----

Motorola B3W

Grundig Stereomeister 15
Zenith Y723
RCA 9X571
Bulova 300
General Electric 429
Siemens Schatulle H42
Philips Saturn 563
Nordmende Carmen 57 (page under construction)

Loewe Opta Venus 822W
Grundig 3055

work in progress (can be reserved)

I point out a restoration particularly detailed that I have carried out on what I consider one of the best tuners in the world, the Grundig RT50. I suggest to start from here.
Vintage radio section Vintage HI-FI section
  Saba Freiburg 14 US     Grundig RT50  

My field of action is therefore narrowed even more so as I only consider radios made in Germany between 1961 and 1966 equipped with FM Stereo.

I also like some tubes appliances made in the US (Marantz, McIntosh, Scott), or Japan (Sansui, Trio) and some Irish too (Quad, Leak) but I am specialized on equipment made ??in Germany.

These amplifiers are suitable for high efficiency speakers and they much like the single driver and Open Baffle.

I do not like radios that only have AM, most of the time they end up becoming ornaments.

Among all German appliances, I've chosen only the best units that have a sound that still amazes, a charm that comes from ancient and wise processing of wood and fabrics, with accurate and reliable electronic projects, aimed at the highest and meticulous quality rather than at a low price as it unfortunately happens today.

TUBESOUND - ReMade in Italy
Venice - Italy
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