GRUNDIG 3055/56 3D-Klang
One of the best Grundig radio
like the 4055 but without a EL84 Push-Pull.
Year of production: 1956

8 AM Circuits
12 FM Circuits

Medium Waves (OM)
Long Waves (OL)
Short waves (OC)

Power supply (AC)
110; 125; 160; 220 Volt

1 Elliptical woofer
2 Mid-Tweeters

2 Electrostatic Tweeters

Dimensions (LHD):
26.2 x 16.8 x 11.6 inch

Net weight: 645.5 Oz

7 tubes
: ECC85, ECH81, EF89,EBF80, EABC80, EL84, EM34

Twice FM bands.

Ferrite aerial

Questo apparecchio ha una notevole dotazione di serie. Vediamo di seguito i particolari.


The tone control system is very efficient. Above the large tone control knobs there is a band that lights up gradually indicating the emphasis on the band on which it acts.

For ultimate radio technic lovers: the treble control knob is connected to an emphasis indicator and to a selectivity width control through two thin cables.


Inside the cabinet there is a dipole for FM reception and a ferrite rotating aerial for AM reception.

You can turn on the ferrite aerial pressing the FA knob.
The ferrite antenna rotates by means of a large knob situated behind the volume knob.

The reception sensitivity with internal aerials is very good.

Using an external aerial sensitivity is further increased.

This unit was in fact produced in a period when there were not many radio stations and those available fairly apart from each others.


The tuning system is another gem.
The unit is equipped with mechanisms for keeping separate the AM bands by each of the other two FM bands.
The tuning knob is single but a selector switch commutes into cable systems (all in steel) and pulleys separated depending on the band.

Qui potete vedere l'intero schema dei comandi di sintonia.

The tuning indicator is new


On the left you can find the volume control (with incorporated loudness) together with the ferrite curve rotation control. You can see the curve position indicator.
The AM scale for short, medium and long waves.
The FM I scale
The FM II scale.
The magic eye indicating each station’s perfect tuning.
On the left-hand corner there are the power, the record player, the recorder and the recording buttons.
The tuning button for long, medium, short, FMI, FMII waves, FA (Ferrite Aerial).
The frequency band is indicated under each button.
Lastly you can see the tuning knob, whose supporting fly-wheel makes its movement really pleasant.
Further below two big bass and high control knobs are to be found.


There are five loudspeakers. The woofer is huge and extremely efficient.
The device is equipped with two electrostatic tweeters and two Midrange on both sides. The sound is amazing!

Worth noticing is the proportion between the EL84 (the valve bigger than the radio itself) and the huge woofer.
Original Multi-octave Grundig original loudspeakers


Output for external speakers.

Socket for recorder (tonbandgerat).

Turntable input (Tonabnehmer)

AM and FM antenna inputs and ground socket.

Remote control input (Fern-Dirigent)

Il battipanni sullo sfondo non è in vendita !!!


Connection for remote control (fern-dirigent) allowing power, volume and equalization control.

Here you can see the “remote control” scheme.

You will not be able to find it easily.
Only a few of them have been sold in Italy. The average price for the fern-dirigent is around 350 €.

IMPORTANT: the remote control is not included in the price of the device.
The pictures above are for illustrative purpose only.

The clutch greasing step and of the indicators tone knobs.

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